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January 04, 2009


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Nice. Method, no-method, don't know-method. Where? I think Winnie the Pooh had an answer when Tigger was finding other Tiggers but couldn't find any... Thank you, Barry!

Taru Sharma

Ah! Sounds so easy yet so subtle! It is always around, always close and yet it can be the most difficult thing to find or understand...:) I do like it in this story that the teacher gave another way of contemplation to student. Nothing like a compassionate teacher who can help you see the way.


Hi Uku - The Pooh Bear had remarkable insight into situation, relationship, and function.

Hi Taru Sharma, thanks for visiting again! Yes, indeed, a good teacher gives the right medicine at the right time!


I need a method. That's for sure. And maybe one day I won't need a method. What is discipline without a method?


We're all hungry for methods, Molly. But I wonder how any method could respond fully to the remarkable diversity and "aliveness" of life?

Taru Sharma

I think there is no white and black answer for this. However, I have noticed that different things appeal to different people depending on their nature. Every one kind of has their own method and it is nice when a teacher is willing to work with a student in the sphere of his/her individuality.


Barry Briggs

Yes, indeed, Taru. And then, when the method no longer responds to the reality of our life, we discard it and find a new one.

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