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January 21, 2009


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Taru Sharma

Ah! The age old mystery - Are you so and so? How does one respond to this when one is nothing.


I ask myself that same question every day. And get the same answer. Thanks for visiting, Taru Sharma!


Bingo! What a great strike! If we can't hit ourselves everyday, then who can?


Ouch! Thank you, Uku, for the hit!


Poor Tzu Hu,
He delivered a futile blow after he had been severed through and through.
This reminds me of an interaction between Nanchuan and Chaochou.
Joshu (Chao-Chou) asks " There are no things that are outside of the way. Outside of things there is no way. What is the way outside of things?"
Nanchuan hit him with his staff
Joshu grabbed the staff and said, "Hereafter, don't be hitting people in error!"
Nanchuan said, "It's easy to tell dragons from snakes. It's difficult to fool a patch-robed monk.


Thanks for the wonderful story, Yamakoa. I hadn't heard it before. But Chao-chou was making a fuss just to make a fuss. Why bother with small talk?


Thank you Nanchuan,

The sun hear is so warm and the orange groves are filled with life.


Today the weather is gray and cold. Small raindrops hit the deck.


Much obliged, that enlightened, and, most importantly, just in time. Just think, six years already inete, but I believe the first time I've heard.

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